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Administration | ABC
Order a dedicated server services. Payment for services.
  • January 10, 2017

How to pay for the service by the example of an order dedicated server

Смена тарифного плана
Change of the tariff plan for example VPS Services
  • January 10, 2017

Want to change the tariff plan but do not know how? Then this article is for you.

Базовые действия с VDS
Basic operations with VDS and its operating system. Reinstall operating system.
  • January 10, 2017

How do stop and start the virtual server or the operating system on it.

Как заказать виртуальный сервер
How to order a virtual server (VDS / VPS) by billing on ABC-Server
  • January 10, 2017

Advanced manual on the order of a virtual server from the hosting provider ABC-Server using the billing system.

Basics of Linux, основы Линукс, блог о Линукс
Basics of Linux. Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • November 14, 2016

How to change your password? How to create a new user? How do I install the application? Answers to these and other questions.