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Virtual hosting with support for PHP and SQL


$ 0.51

100 Mb disk

2 Site

2 Database

ISP Manager 5



$ 0.9

500 Mb disk

2 Site

2 Database

ISP Manager 5



$ 1.22

1024 Mb disk

5 Site

5 Database

ISP Manager 5



$ 2.85

5120 Mb disk

5 Site

5 Database

ISP Manager 5



$ 4.07

20480 Mb disk

20 Site

100 Database

ISP Manager 5


Technical features:

PHP memory_limit:

512 mb

php: 5.4.16; 5.4.45; 5.5.38; 5.6.40; 7.0.33; 7.1.33; 7.2.34; 7.3.31; 7.4.24; 8.0.11

MySQL: mysql-5.5; mysql-5.6; mysql-5.7; mysql-8.0; mariadb-10.0; mariadb-10.1; mariadb-10.2; mariadb-10.3

PostgreSQL 9.2

PHP full mode without safe_mode:


IonCube Loader:

Zend Optimizer:


Create triggers, view, procedures, functions, ...:

Access to PHPMyAdmin:

Control panel with support for Russian language:

FTP in separate folders:


SSI Support: Автоматическая установка бесплатного SSL сертификата Let's Encrypt

The use of CGI-scripts:

log files:

Scheduled launch scripts (cron):

error pages:

Fine-tune file of Apache web server (.htaccess):

Edit DNS:

Daily backups:

Anti-virus protection:

Protection from spam bots:

Antivirus scanning of mail:

Check-mail spam:

Mail forwarding:

12% discount on Hosting for 1 year payment

Reliable and fast hosting in Ukraine

Business reputation or your personal reputation is first and foremost reliability. Problems with the availability or security of the website can cause distrust of you and your business, especially if most of the clients come from the internet. Placing a site on our hosting guarantees uninterrupted availability of your website 24/7, high download speed, protection against burglary, theft or loss of personal data of your clients.

Services we offer:

  • rent of virtual and dedicated hosting
  • server rental
  • domain names
  • licenses for the software and operating systems for hosting servers
  • licenses for SSL security certificates
  • a hosting reselling

Ordering hosting you save you from the problems of search, acquisition, configuration and storage of equipment, technical support and associated costs.

The physical location of the servers and the team of ABC Server technical support on the territory of Ukraine provide a maximum speed of server response to website visitors, stability and efficiency of assistance to our clients.

Providing each website with required amount of physical RAM and the allocation of server capacity. Convenient grading of tariff plans allow to get more resources for your websites as the need arises at minimum growth of prices.

Qualified customer support allows us to take into account the individual needs of clients and assist in configuring the servers when you order VDS hosting, assistance with installation SSL certificates, and other services.

Modern security system and regular backup guarantees safety of your information and data about your clients.

Inexpensive hosting - profitable solution for business

Ordering inexpensive hosting from ABC Server, you pay 100% the stated features, no hidden surcharges.

What do you get for your money?

Uptime availability, which characterize only reliable and stable servers that do not fail under and provide a complete package of features.

Modern hosting with PHP and MySQL support ensures fast speed of server for all types of websites: business card websites, online shops, portals, and other types of websites.

Placing of any information, even very large, on the SSD (Solid State Disk) with high-speed downloading.

24/7 support of clients of hosting provider will resolve any technical issue related to the functionality of the site, control panel and additional functions promptly and without delay.

We offer reliable websites hosting, and if you doubt this, then we are ready to offer you a free trial period of using the service. For sure you'll be surprised by comprehensive capabilities and high quality services.

When ordering hosting services, pay attention to the flexibility of the tariff plans depending on individual requirements.