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Virtual server

Virtual dedicated servers on SSD
in Ukraine

Virtual servers for projects with high load


$ 2.99

CPU: 1 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 512 Mb

Disk: 5 GB

Type: SSD



$ 5.99

CPU: 1 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 1 Gb

Disk: 25 Gb

Type: SSD



$ 7.99

CPU: 2 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 2 Gb

Disk: 50 Gb

Type: SSD



$ 12.99

CPU: 3 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 3 Gb

Disk: 75 Gb

Type: SSD



$ 17.99

CPU: 4 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 4 Gb

Disk: 75 Gb

Type: SSD



$ 22.99

CPU: 6 X 2930 MHz

RAM: 8 Gb

Disk: 100 Gb

Type: SSD


Virtual dedicated servers on the SSD
in Ukraine

Virtual servers for projects with high load

Virtual dedicated servers on the SSD
in Russian

Virtual VDS/VPS server

Sooner or later with the development of the website the load on the hosting increases, which leads to periodical crashes, slowdowns and a variety of downloads errors, outages and other problems. Most of them are solved by switching from an ordinary virtual hosting to your own VPS or VDS server.

With the development of websites, installing extra software on the hosting and other upgrade, project begins to consume more system resources. In this case there’s lack of everything: RAM, hard disk space, CPU, etc.

Renting a virtual server from us is represented by several options, which differ in physical parameters: the number of processor cores, RAM, ROM, the number of network protocols, and certainly, different cost.

How is VPS different from the VDS?

Some users consider VPS and VDS servers as different types, but in fact it’s the same thing, only VPS is a foreign abbreviation and VDS is our domestic. Separation principle of a virtual machine for the creation of the server is the same: to install special software before the operating system, such as OpenVZ, VDSmanager, XEV or KVM.

Selecting a Server

Hoster companies offer fixed hosting for VPS servers; at the same time virtual server (created on individual parameters under certain requirements) rental can be carried out.

You will be able to place on any number of websites, sell space to your partners, friends and relatives without notifying the host. Having your own server you can fully manage the operating system, install required software, and so on. And if there is any problem, technical support solve everything in the blink.

Depending on the type of operating system, there is an option to rent VDS Linux, according to the needs.

Benefits of Virtual Server

    Dedicated VDS-servers provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a physical server:
  • fixed amount of allocated power. Resources for your websites will not be redistributed among the other websites on the server;
  • unlimited number of websites in conjunction with the database;
  • possession of a private constant IP-address;
  • guarantee of security from hacking and theft of databases;
  • the ability to work with any 86-bit systems;
  • an opportunity to configure the OS on your own or according to your needs.

Rental VDS Linux

    Virtual Dedicated VDS servers Linux-based allow to solve many different problems:
  • create any number of websites with any system requirements;
  • create your own boards of trade and payment services;
  • create corporate network;
  • organize a separate playground.

Dedicated VPS servers, provided by us, operate on modern KMV software, which allows gaining remote access to IP-KVM and fully carrying out the VPS configuration from the client side.

Why rent VPS- or VDS-server?

If your websites began to slow down, there are download errors from time to time, and the space on hard drive is not enough, it's time to rent a VPS. It is an analogue of a dedicated server, providing advanced functional administration and configuration flexibility.

The owner of the server has the opportunity to download libraries and directories, and install additional programs and various scripts to speed up his websites on his own.

If you want to have a range of own IP-addresses and root-access, then you just need to rent a VDS. You will be able to place SSH, FTP and postal services, which will allow creating a complete project to receive payments, transfers and other functions without any restrictions.