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Basic operations with VDS and its operating system. Reinstall operating system.

How do stop and start the virtual server or the operating system on it.

Select the virtual server in the billing and click the "To panel" button

Select your virtual machine and hit one of the buttons, depending on the desired action, in consequence of that, you can easily turn off, restart or turn on your virtual machine.

You just have to confirm the selected action.

If you need to use a different operating system or made a mistake in the initial configuration at time of booking virtual server - at any moment can be an unlimited number of times required to reinstall the operating system by selecting from the templates. To do this, just select the virtual machine and click the "Reinstall".

You need to select the OS template, pre-prepared by us and click "OK".

Reinstall your operating system started and runs automatically.

In addition, the virtual machine manager can easily change the password, disks, interfaces and IP-addresses.

To change the password, simply enter the new password and confirm it, then click "Ok"

You can also view the virtual machine disks, edit, disconnect, connect.

You can also change the interface and the list of IP-addresses.

One just needs to fill in the ip-address and domain name, and then click "OK".

Published: January 10, 2017