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Legal issues

Legal issues | ABC
Terms of Service

Provide full range of services the company "ABC - Server" is based on the above terms and conditions. These rules are mandatory for compliance Subscribers Data Center "ABC - Server".

Legal issues | ABC
Privacy policy

To protect the rights of our customers and visitors to websites and the confidentiality of their personal data, set Privacy Policy , which explains - what data we collect from our customers and how we handle this information.

Legal issues | ABC
Guaranteed quality of service

The purpose of this document is to describe the services provided, their volumes and regulations for, as well as quality criteria for the provision, both in terms of the Contractor in the face, and customers of these services. SLA does not provide compensation for losses or foregone profits.

Legal issues | ABC
Money Back Guarantee

For 30 days , from the initial activation of the account, in case of failure of the service and the VPS shared hosting, regardless of the reasons for refusal, is guaranteed a full refund, minus the commissions payment systems.

Legal issues | ABC
Public offer

Service agreement company "ABC - Server" any legal or natural person who passed out in the public offer (contract) conditions and paid services of "ABC - Server". This agreement is a public offer, equivalent to the "verbal agreement" and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine has proper legal force.