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Order a dedicated server services. Payment for services.

How to pay for the service by the example of an order dedicated server

By registering or login to the billing. Click on the button on the main page of the "Order a service".

On the page choose a service, select "Dedicated server".

When ordering a virtual server, you need to choose the payment period and the tariff plan, you can read them on our website.

Configure the service parameters, choose the number of IP addresses, control panel, fill in the domain name and select the operating system template, but even if you want to use a different operating system - in the future will be able to reinstall the OS at any moment, please, read the blog.

Once configured service parameters and read the terms of the license, click on the button "Add to Cart"

Go to the payment for services.

Check the information on the ordered services and click "Pay".

In the first step you select the payment method.

Next you need to select or create a new payer.

Complete information on the payer, the status , contact person, country.

Check the payment amount and click "Pay"

After paying your service will be available for use in billing.

You can also navigate by clicking the "Activate"

Published: January 10, 2017