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Money Back Guarantee

  • 1

    The refund is granted only for services of virtual hosting and rental of virtual servers (VPS). Refunds for other services not performed.

  • 2

    The refund is only for the first time ordered services. For example, if you ordered the hosting service, then get a refund and booked our hosting for the second time, then you will not get back the money for the second order.

  • 3

    Request a refund only for 30 days after the initial activation of the hosting account or VPS.

  • 4

    The refund is made after deduction of the commission payment system.

  • 5

    When payments by VISA and MasterCard money is returned to the same card with which payment was made. After the payment, we will refund money to appear on the map within 3 banking days. Please note that this payment does not appear on your card statement, but simply increasing the amount of on the map. This type of return is only available within 30 days after payment.

  • 6

    The money returned through the same details from which payment for services has been made.

  • 7

    In the event that payment has been made by natural persons savings bank or bank branch the money can be returned to one of the following ways:

    • In Privatbank card to get money at stake Privat, you need to write a request to the technical support and provide the card number and the name of the recipient.
    • Through PrivatMani system, this write request to the technical support and enter your last name, first name, region, and city in which you want to get money, a mobile phone number to which you will be sent a password to gain money . Money for such a transfer, you can get in any branch of Privatbank, in the preparation necessary to have a passport and a password that will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.
    • on the debit card of any bank of Ukraine. The user must provide all the details to send money to your card. Namely: the recipient name, the current account, bank code, purpose of the payment, the card number, cardholder name.
    • Another way that will be convenient for both sides.
  • 8

    In order to return the money to legal entities or SPD shall make a request and send it to our postal address (not e-mail, and the mail).

  • 9

    Back Payment shall be made within 10 days from the date of filing of the application.

  • 10

    Back Payment is not made in violation of the rules of hosting.

  • 11

    If the payment service domain was registered at the promotional price, the cost of a domain name will be deducted when you return the money.

  • 12

    When returning deducted all bonuses and discounts.