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Extended Technical Support Service

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Technical support

Many people think it's enough to make a website and place it on a hosting to start earning. This statement is only partually true. It is necessary to provide preventive work for stable resource functioning. For this task, technical support is available in our ABC-Server data-centre. Our specialists work in three directions:

  • technical support. It consists of site availability monitoring and site functioning restoring caused by malfunctions. In addition, technical support can also include digostis and set up of various online-services, forms of communication;
  • service support. This includes database backup, protection from viruses and hacker attacks, broken links monitoring, etc.;
  • information support. This is customers technical advice providing.
$ 20
Install SSL

SSL-certificate is an Internet security technology for encrypting the connection between browser and server while data transmission. It is possible to use HTTPS with SSL-certificate.

SSL-certificate installation on the hosting

ABC Server offers an installation certificates service for reasonable price. Specialists carefully set up the certificate and its key. It must be done without errors, otherwise SSL will not work. It will be posiible to set up HTTPS connection for protectection user data after certificate installation.

SSL-certificate server installation

This is a rather troublesome task, which only specialists can handle. Data-center engineers can execute it in a short time, because first of all the certificate files must be transferred to the server. It should be done attentively. Moreover, configuration file must be cnaged without errors, otherwise the server will not work. ABC Server specialists check the machine’s configuration for the sites to function without fail after the setup.

$ 4.99
Install CMS

CMS is a content management system for a website. It is possible to edit resource content as well as maintain Internet efficiency with the help of CMS. All this can be done with a convenient interface - administrative panel. There are several dozens CMS. It is necessary to have MySQL databases, as well as PHP programming language server support for the proper work. The most popular systems are WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Each of the systems is set up approximately identically. If you want to do it yourself, you can find installation Opencart materials on a hosting or server or any other content management system in our blog. However, keep in mind that this option is suitable only for advanced users. You can do something wrong, and then you will spend a lot of time to find out where was a mistake. It is much easier not to do it yourself, but contact technical support specialists. Data-center professionals will provide installtion on the site and set up everything for a small price.

$ 4.99
Optimizing the Database

Why is it important to optimize the database? It is necessary to increase speed of the system. It is necessary to understand MySQL databases design well to perform the optimization. It is also necessary to understand what functions the system performs. MySQL database optimization is carried out in three directions:

  • database logical structure optimization;
  • database requirements optimization;
  • server structure optimization.

All of this is right for servers. If you are working with hosting, then the last point of the list should not be done. To consider the database optomization complexity, it is better to entrust this issue to our ABC Server data-center professionals, who will do their best to make your sites work fast and efficiently.

$ 7.99
Site Migration

As the online business develops, your site becomes more popular. When resource traffic gets higher, hosting stops to handle capacity. To solve this problem, it is necessary to transfer the site to a seleted server. This task is rather troublesome, because it consists of two aspects:

  • database copyig;
  • file system cloning.

It is very important, because the website data must be saved. The main thing is not to lose anything while moving the site to Wordpress or any other CMS.

The task by its priniple is the same if it is necessary to transfer the site to the hosting server. The main thing is the site must not be chnaged during technical work. The task is simpliied if this is your personal site. In the case of a popular blog, editors have to stop their activity for a some period of time. The data-center specialists will be happy to provide a quick site transfer to Opencart or another content management system.

$ 5.99

The number of data-centers is growing every year around the world. Why is this business becoming more popular? And how our data-center can be useful for you?

Reason №1: You will spare yourself of need to spend a lot of money and time on buying a server. For this money you can perfectly relax, swimming in a warm ocean. The technician needs to be connected, tuned, and this will take a lot of time and great experience. Why do you it yourself, if there is hosting technical support? Say your suggestions to our specialists and spend much time with your family.

Reason №2: You need a lot of electricity to sustention of the servers. An average server with a 400W power supply which working during one month will consume about 300 kW of energy. In addition, you need air conditioner for cooling your equipment, so the figure will be more than 2 times. Servers work best at a temperature between 18 to 22 Celsius deg. Why waste your time on buying equipment and paying bills, if the data-center has already taken care about it?

Reason №3: Sites placing on hosting or dedicated server will also requires a lot of time, effort and special knowledge. It will be more interesting if you need to install and configure the CMS. This time you can spend it profitably, for example, on rest or development of your business. Technical support will quickly install Joomla on the server or any other content management system. As a result, you get a ready-to-work website which you will must added some content on it. But you can also entrust this task to us, so that you have more time to do your favorite thing. And imagine that you need a 1C Bitrix installation. In addition to the CMS itself is put a bunch of useful services. You will spend a week of your life on it, and we are happy to do it for you.

Reason №4: Now Yandex and Google recommend having SSL-certificates for all sites. They are necessary to protect the internet connection when data transferring. If you don’t transfer a site to HTTPS using a certificate, then the resource will forcibly fall in the ranking of the SERP. And your site will be marked as unsafe. Imagine now how much time you will need to spend to do it yourself. A lot of hours will be spent on what our tech support can do for you. It is better to entrust it all to our specialists and just relax with your family, for example. It's so wonderfool to spend time with your family instead of installing SSL on hosting.

Reason №5: Over time, your business is growing, which means that with increasing popularity of your site, the load on hosting increases. Transfer the site to dedicated server is the only way on this situation. More productive equipment can continue to ensure the stable working of your site. How to do it? The easiest option is to call in ABC Server technical support and find out how much money costs to transfer the site to dedicated server. Our specialists will be able to do this as soon as possible, saving you from hourly, tedious and risky work. With our help, everything will be done without errors, and your site will continue to consistently revenue generate. The price of the error is too high because your business and reputation are at stake. The price of site moving depends on the size of the resource and its database.

Reason №6: For large sites with large databases, constant optimization is necessary. Especially if your online-store has started to work more slowly after filling the next batch of new goods. On this situation, you will need to know how to optimize the MySQL database. Spending time for studying the principle of the database operation isn’t make sense. It's easier to trust our experienced engineers. And free time you may spend on enjoying life - active rest, pleasant communication. In addition, it will be difficult to manage on its own if an error occurs with the connection to the Wordpress database. This is a specific problem, the solution of which is better to entrust to our professionals.