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Personal backup disk for storing files with FTP access

Tariff Price per month
Backup 50

Storage: 50 Gb

$ 1.5
Backup 100

Storage: 100 Gb

$ 2.7
Backup 200

Storage: 200 Gb

$ 4.7
Backup 500

Storage: 500 Gb 

$ 12
Backup 1000

Storage: 1 Tb

$ 17.4
Backup 2000

Storage: 2 Tb

$ 28.8

Rent an FTP at a bargain price

FTP Hosting is essentially a conventional web hosting, but with more memory for storage and greater traffic capacity. Renting an FTP is for those who store and transfer large files to the Internet: photos, text documents, audio and video files. Our company, along with professional hosting service, offers FTP servers from 50 to 2000 GB for rent.

Advantages of FTP servers

High speed of information exchange. FTP for rent, that we offer, are based on a powerful platform and have high performance characteristics, that ensures high stability and reliability of your website. We have the ability to upload large enough files, that provides even greater functionality for the website owner.

Rented FTP is also a guarantee of multi-level information protection from virus attacks or loss of information, due to the failsafe RAID arrays. Renting our FTP completely eliminates the need for ensuring the protection of information, its backup and recovery in case of failures. We will make sure of that, giving you a reliable FTP repository. In most cases, rental FTP is more profitable than buying and maintaining your own server, as hardware configuration, maintenance, getting access to the Internet backbone doesn’t fall on your shoulders. Plus, you would have to design your own information protection system, acquire licensed antivirus and carry out a regular database backup. Rental FTP repository solves all of these issues, greatly facilitate your task at a lower cost, both in money and time.

How to use FTP?

Domain may not always be located on the same server as the FTP. In this case, use the IP-address of the server, where website is, to connect to it. Usually you can find it in the "Account" section. If the domain is transferred to our NS-servers, it is sufficient to simply specify “ftp” before the name of the website.

To enter a rented FTP the following data is used:

* server address;
* username;
* password.

In most cases, user name is the name of your account, which is also used to enter the control panel.
Depending on the number of domains and sub-domains you may need several FTP-repositories. In this case, you need to create a separate FTP user. This should be done in a special section of the Control Panel.