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STOCK: Discounts on dedicated and virtual servers.

Discounts of 70% on the VPS and DS

Hosting Provider ABC-Server launches a new campaign on dedicated and virtual servers. During the action, and this for six months, you can rent virtual servers from $ 1 per month and dedicated servers from $ 20 per month.

Through the use of "green technologies", such as heat recovery allocated servers and solar energy - we are able to provide our customers in the winter reasonable prices for dedicated servers.

Along with action we are launching new tariff plans on service virtual server. The main feature - it is a RAID array of fast and reliable SSD drives, but our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Terms of action:

  • Virtual Server rental period of 6 months
  • Renting a Dedicated Server for a period of 1 month to 1 year

The action involves only virtual and dedicated servers based on Linux / UNIX (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD) operating system.

The duration of the action with 09.29.2016 on 01.04.2017.

Hurry to order now.

Promotional dedicated servers::
DS-UA-START-1 (2x4/24Gb/SAS-4x300Gb)$20/month
DS-UA-START-2 (x4/16Gb/SSD-2x200Gb)$30/month
DS-UA-START-3 (x6/16Gb/SAS-2x450Gb)$32/month
DS-UA-START-4 (x6/16Gb/SAS-2x300Gb)$40/month
DS-UA-MEGA-1 (2x4/12Gb/SATA-2x1Tb)$30/month
DS-UA-MEGA-2 (2x4/16Gb/SAS-2x300Gb)$32/month
DS-UA-MEGA-3 (2x4/32Gb/SAS-6x450Gb)$35/month
DS-UA-MEGA-4 (2x4/32Gb/SSD-2x200Gb)$40/month
DS-UA-HYPER-1 (2x6/24Gb/SAS-4x300Gb)$40/month
DS-UA-HYPER-2 (2x6/32Gb/SAS-8x450Gb)$45/month
DS-UA-HYPER-3 (2x6/48Gb/SAS-2x146Gb)$45/month
DS-UA-HYPER-4 (2x6/128Gb/SAS-8x450Gb)$60/month

Promotional the virtual server:
SX1 (X1/1Gb/SSD-25Gb)$1/month
SX2 (X2/2Gb/SSD-50Gb)$2/month
SX3 (X3/3Gb/SSD-75Gb)$3/month
SX4 (X4/4Gb/SSD-75Gb)$4/month
SX5 (X6/8Gb/SSD-100Gb)$5/month

How to order a server at a promotional price.

Enter the billing on your account if it has, or are registering. Click "Order a service".

Select the desired type of service, it is yet to be virtual server or dedicated server, click "Order".


Since promotion is valid when ordering services for a period of 6 months - choose period of payment "Half a year"(VPS/VDS/DS) or "Year"(DS). For convenience, you can filter the tariffs, on the server tag "Promo". Once chosen the right tariff - click "Order".


Published: September 30, 2016