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Web scripts. Installing the CMS and other popular software

WEB scripts ISPManager 5

Few people know, but ispmanager have an extremely useful feature called Web scripts. Scripts simplify installation of some popular software, especially if the user is not familiar with the Linux terminal. Thanks to web scripts can be easily and conveniently set for example, CMS for the site, just a couple of mouse clicks, no longer need to learn a ton of manuals. Consider the example of CMS WordPress installation. Go to your billing of virtual hosting.

In ISPmanager go to the Tools / Web scripts (APS). Here we see the button "Install" and "Delete", as well as a list of installed scripts, of course if he is. Click on the "Install" button.

Choose among the web-scripts collection of the required software, in this example, WordPress. On this page you can read only version and a brief description. For more information, you need to click on "Info".

To install the script, select the required software and click "Install" button in the pop-up window, select the domain and path, click "Next".

Once introduced to the license agreement - you agree with it and click "Next."

In the Settings window, fill in the required information, click "Next". After that will be installed. As you can see this type of installation will take you a few minutes of time, which is a huge plus.

Published: January 11, 2017