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Referral program from ABC-Server

How to use the referral program

Referral program from ABC-Server | ABC-Server

Dear customers, hosting provider ABC Server remind you that the referral program.

What is a referral program?

Referral or affiliate program - a form of business cooperation between the seller and partners in the sale of any product or provision of services, in which the partner receives compensation for attracting new customers.

Hosting Provider ABC Server invites everyone to become our partners for earning extra money. Our referral program is open-ended, that is, without any time limit. You only need to attract people once, and you are guaranteed to receive royalties on all his expenses, as long as he will use our services.

In order to take part in referral program you have to sign in to your personal account at get the link in the section «Affiliate program».

Referral program

Link to referral program

All you have to do is post the link with the affiliate code on social networks, your personal blog or simply by passing it on to your friends, acquaintances or clients. Your clients follow this link, register on by clicking the "Sign in" button on our website and you are guaranteed to receive 10% of every order made by a client you bring in.

Published: January 2, 2022