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List of ISP System software products

ISPmanager 5

ISPmanager is a powerful web hosting control panel. With such features as centralized administration of UNIX server clusters, flexible customization, load distribution and data backups, your customers will be able to manage their servers independently within the limits you set up. A perfect solution for both dedicated and VPS, as well as shared and reselling hosting!

Version Period Price
ISPmanager 5 Lite
$ 5.5
ISPmanager 5 Business
$ 14
VMmanager 5

With this Type II OpenVZ \ KVM hypervisor, you can partition your dedicated server into virtual machines and use them at your pleasure. Add nodes to your cluster quickly, easily optimize load. Dynamically distribute resources between virtual machines and build failover cluster.

Version Period Price
VMmanager 5 OVZ
$ 9.99
VMmanager 5 KVM
$ 9.99
VMmanager 5 Cloud
$ 100
DCImanager 5

Receive full information about your servers, conduct equipment diagnostics, deploy servers, run OS installations – all automatically! This software for hosting and infrastructure providers also allows rebooting you servers remotely, and gathering all the data on traffic and loads.

Version Period Price
DCImanager 5 Enterprise
$ 56
DCImanager 5 Progressive
$ 16
BILLmanager 5

DCImanager control panel is designed to manage all physical assets of the entire infrastructure. Keep track of inventory and parts, power consumption, energy leakage, and battery charges. Equipped with a 3D map of your data center, DCImanager easily scales up from a few servers to a few DCs!

Version Period Price
BILLmanager 5 Standard
$ 12
BILLmanager 5 Corporate
$ 54
IPmanager 5

Quickly track and manage your IPs, set policies to allocate IP addresses to services and clients, all from a single web-interface. Integrate IPmanager control panel with other ISPsystem's software products to get a fully-automated solution for IP address management, including PTR changes.

Version Period Price
IPmanager 5
$ 10
DNSmanager 5

Easily integrate DNSmanager with other ISPsystem software products to provide your clients with name servers. Powerful, yet simple, DNSmanager is suitable for all kinds of hosting - shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Version Period Price
DNSmanager 5
$ 12

ISP License

ISP License is a software product designed to ensure stable operation of the control panel of web server. The process is organized through a user-friendly and quite simple web interface.

The system allows you to create new users, websites, domains and mailboxes with just a few clicks, with no need to carry out some specific server configuration and especially independently develop program code.

ISPmanager is one of the best control panels for controlling the operation of both one and plurality of websites with the same rights. The advantages of the product include:

* user-friendly interface;
* huge number of features and great flexibility of settings under the specific requirements;
* isp license works on all common operating systems and software;
* requires a minimum of system resources;
* Product is constantly updated, indicating the stability of work for the entire period of operation of your resource.

ISPmanager’s true purpose is to ensure maximum comfort during maintenance websites.

High quality at an affordable price

An isp system license can be bought from us for the best prices, and we offer several options:

* for a month;
* for a year;
* forever.

Choosing isp license for content management, you provide yourself a high stability of the website. The control panel is built on the principle of multi-level access from the simple use to the professional administration and hosting services.

Types of ISPmanager licenses

Today there are several types of ISPmanager licenses, depending on the features and the number of serviced websites:

Lite license used on the server with web resources, owned by one person or company. There is no additional functionality for hosting reselling, no tickets and notifications systems. Also, there are no restrictions in functionality and there is no provision of resources for individual users.

Business is a business license intended to provide professional hosting services. Among the special tools it has everything you need to work with resellers. There is also a well-developed tickets and notifications system, which is required for the solution of various problems of owners of the hosted websites.

By purchasing this license, you get the ability to set and develop your own tariff plans with your access rights. In addition, you can limit the resources of the system for more qualitative work of websites. Business ISPmanager License is designed to provide the following services:

* DNS hosting;
* Reselling;
* Mail hosting;
* Shared hosting.